Complete FL Studio Masterclass: Beginner to Expert

Complete FL Studio Masterclass: Beginner to Expert

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Are you ready to take your music production skills to the next level?

Join us in the FL Studio Masterclass, an 50+ lessons online course designed to empower both novice and aspiring music producers with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the competitive music industry. From the initial project setup to transforming your passion into a profitable venture, this comprehensive program provides a deep dive into every aspect of music production using FL Studio.

Join us on this comprehensive FL Studio Masterclass to unlock your music production potential, from the very basics to advanced techniques in music creation and production.

  • Complete FL Studio Masterclass: Beginner to Expert
    Complete FL Studio Masterclass: Beginner to Expert


  • “I found it very difficult to keep up with beats tutorials on Youtube. This course gave me the foundation to get along.”

    - Robbeatz

    “I’m so glad I did this course. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was more than worth it!.”

    - preralmusic

    For more information about the course keep scrolling 😀👇

    Course Overview

    Section 1: Introduction to the FL Studio Course

    • Lecture 1: Welcome to the Course
    • Lecture 2: About the Course
    • Lecture 3: Keyboard Shortcuts for Workflow Efficiency
    • Lecture 4: Tips for an Enhanced Learning Experience

    Section 2: First Steps in FL Studio

    • Lecture 5: Installing the Demo Version of FL Studio
    • Lecture 6: Exploring FL Studio Versions
    • Lecture 7: Getting Familiar with FL Studio
    • Lecture 8: Synths, Effects, and VSTs
    • Lecture 9: Navigating the Menu Panel
    • Lecture 10: The Browser
    • Lecture 11: Other Option Panels
    • Lecture 12: The Channel Rack
    • Lecture 13: The Pattern Selector
    • Lecture 14: The Playlist
    • Lecture 15: The Mixer
    • Lecture 16: Setting Up a MIDI Device
    • Lecture 17: Installing Plugins via Plugins Manager
    • Lecture 18: Importing Audio Files and Organizing Samples
    • Lecture 19: Audio Devices & Audio Driver
    • Lecture 20: Recording Audio in FL Studio

    Section 3: Basic Music Theory You Need

    • Lecture 21: Music Theory Overview
    • Lecture 22: Notes and Chords
    • Lecture 23: Exercise: Creating a Simple Chord Progression
    • Lecture 24: Rhythms
    • Lecture 25: Exercise: Crafting a Rhythmic Chord Progression

    Section 4: FL Studio Basics

    • Lecture 26: Starting a Project with Project Templates
    • Lecture 27: Adding Samples to the Channel Rack
    • Lecture 28: Exercise: Adding Drum Samples to FL Studio
    • Lecture 29: Using the Channel Rack for Drum Programming
    • Lecture 30: Exercise: Creating Your First Drum Loop
    • Lecture 31: Understanding the Sampler and Its Functions
    • Lecture 32: Working with MIDI Files
    • Lecture 33: Exploring Your First Synth
    • Lecture 34: Exercise: Crafting Your First Melody Loop
    • Lecture 35: Playlist Arrangement
    • Lecture 36: Automation Clips
    • Lecture 37: Importing Melody Loops
    • Lecture 38: Exercise: Creating Your First Track

    Section 5: Understanding the Mixer

    • Lecture 39: Understanding Mixer Structure
    • Lecture 40: Linking Samples to the Mixer
    • Lecture 41: Exercise: Connecting Elements to the Mixer
    • Lecture 42: Adding Effects
    • Lecture 43: Basic Effects - Equalizer (EQ)
    • Lecture 44: Basic Effects - Delay
    • Lecture 45: Basic Effects - Reverb
    • Lecture 46: Exercise: Enhancing Your Melody with Reverb and Delay
    • Lecture 47: Exercise: Crafting a Beat with Effect Automation Clips
    • Lecture 48: Creating Presets

    Section 6: Beginner's Guide to Mixing

    • Lecture 49: Volume Leveling in Mixing
    • Lecture 50: Using an Equalizer (EQ) in Mixing
    • Lecture 51: Panning Techniques in Mixing

    Section 7: Beginner's Guide to Mastering

    • Lecture 52: Compression in Mastering
    • Lecture 53: Soft Clipping
    • Lecture 54: Using a Limiter in Mastering
    • Lecture 55: Maximizing Loudness

    Section 8: Exporting Files

    • Lecture 56: High-Quality Export with Small File Size
    • Lecture 57: Exporting a Pattern
    • Lecture 58: Exporting Stems/Track-Outs


    Complete FL Studio Masterclass: Beginner to Expert

    Regular price $30
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